Advantages of Leasing to Luxe Star Executive Stays

Lease Up Quickly

We can help developers by leasing several units up to a whole building to help you lease up quickly and get out from under your construction loan.

Decrease Turnover, Increase NOI

Our long term leases help you decrease turnover expenses and increase NOI. Bringing you stability and Profitability.

We Handle All The Management

Our 24/7 management team handle every aspect of managing the property and is always available to you.

Pet and Smoke Free

We protect your property by not allowing pets or smoking in our suites.

Frequent Professional Cleanings

All of our suites undergo a thorough professional cleaning between each stay. We will be the cleanest tenant you’ve ever had

Noise Monitoring

We set quiet hours and monitor the noise level remotely. If the noise limit is ever broken we call the guest immediately.

Lower Wear and Tear & Less Utility Usage

Our guests tend to spend less time in the property, and use the appliances and utilities less, compared to regular tenants.

Minor Maintenance Covered

We handle all minor maintenance and repair issues. This ensures issues are taken care of quickly, and saves the property owner/ manager time and money.

Fully Insured For Damage and Liability

We carry commercial insurance to protect you and you’re property.

Property Requirments

  • Condition: Property must be in excellent condition. Any signs of disrepair must be remedied before guest stays begin.
  • Location: We analyze each location on a case by case basis to ensure sufficient market demand.
  • Privacy & Security: All suites must be able to provide a reasonable level of privacy to our guests during their stay.
  • Amenities: We generally only lease properties with in-unit kitchen and laundry, onsite parking is preferred but not always required.
  • HOA Restrictions: Property cannot have any HOA rules against short term rentals.